Anna Tsvell - Early Spring at Mayfair - Oil on Canvas


Anna Tsvell - Early Spring at Mayfair - Oil on Canvas


Anna is a surreal portraiture artist. Her portraits are full of hedonistic mood and bohemian melancholy . She paints women of almost alien appearance which makes her portraits extremely recognizable and

attractive for the art collectors all over the world.

Long curved necks, chaotically combined parts of the face and body (since summer 2018) are the main distinctive features of Anna’s

remarkable style. Since the beginning of 2019 Anna's artworks start to look more abstract : women's shapes are woven into the visible and invisible lines. 

Anna works with acrylics and mixed media on canvas, her favorite

mediums are ink and watercolors on paper. Paintings and drawings by Anna Tsvell are in private collections of musicians, film directors,

photographers, art collectors and art lovers all over the world. 

Anna’s art was exhibited in different art galleries in US

(Los Angeles where Anna lived and worked for 6 months ) and Europe.

Her art was officially supported by Depeche Mode. The artworks were also marked by publication at the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.

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