Mike Evans - Lucy Legs - digital print


Mike Evans - Lucy Legs - digital print


Image size - 3’-2’

In 2014, while living in the mountain town of Chatel in France, Mike’s wife had a snowboarding accident which left her with an

‘incomplete’ T12/L1 Spinal Cord injury. They moved back to the UK where she spent the next 5 months going through extensive

rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

When released from hospital, they needed to think about what to do next; where to live, what to do for work. Mike and Lucy settled in Milton Keynes on the basis that it was accessible for wheelchair users.

5 years later and they are still in MK (which they love). Married, with their first child and a dog. Mike began working with Luke McDonnell in 2016 as a graphic designer and illustrator. Together they now proudly run Chiba Creative, an award winning creative design company.

“A few years ago I had asked Lucy to take some reference pictures of me for a project which required a particularly tricky “worms eye view” perspective. I found several images where she had stuck her little legs in the air and taken a picture of them without me noticing, and I don’t know why, but it just made me laugh.

So when Luke asked me to make a simple print for the Gallery, this image was all I could think of.

I started thinking about the long chain of events that had led to this moment, and how none of it would have been possible had Lucy not had her accident. This image, for me, is not just about my wife’s lovely legs - and they are lovely. It is about the little moments of joy that pepper your life and about accepting that even the very worst things to happen to you, can also lead to the very best things.”

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