Roy Holding - Scottish Barn


Roy Holding - Scottish Barn


image size - 18’ 10.5’

After National service in the 1950s, Roy completed a formal art

education at Barnet College Hertfordshire, his love of painting led him to explore all elements of media that give his art today a

distinctive character. Roy has exhibited throughout the UK, his work is in private collections throughout Britain and in Canada, America, Austrailia, New Zealand, Germany, France, China and Japan. He has also lectured students in America.

In 2002 Roy set up a studio at Art Works in Great Linford, Milton Keynes where he worked and ran many art workshops teaching water colour and intricate techniques he personally developed in mixed media.

A highly regarded artist with over 45 years experience, and is

accomplished in water colour, pastels, acrylics, oils, mixed media and collage. His favoured subjects are dramatic rural landscapes that can be found in remote parts of Wales, Scotland and the Lake District.

Recently he has become captivated by hill top towns and villages in Europe particularly Italy and France and these subjects showcase his bold and adventurous use of colour and texture.

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