SOLD - Sonia Bacchus - Tram - Oil on Canvas

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sonia bacchus - tram.jpg
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SOLD - Sonia Bacchus - Tram - Oil on Canvas


Having studied art in Academy of Fine Art I Lodz (Poland), and completing a Master Degree, Sonia is now an accomplished

figurative painter. Drawing inspiration and fascinated with the old Masters such as Rembrandt, and Vermeer. The contrast

between light and shadow and the relations between colours is the object of her study.

“I love painting Portraits, still life, but still developing my

metaphoric art which is a combination of realism and semi

abstract forms, hidden symbols and clues, inspired by History of Art and General History.”

Now based in Stony Stratford, Sonia runs painting workshops and continues to explore her love for Chiaroscuro inspired works.

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